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A man is wearing a blue ribbon

Blue Ribbons for Israel

A global unity symbol in solidarity with hostages and their families


Why the Blue Ribbon?

The blue ribbon symbolizes support and solidarity for the safe return of the hostages taken by Hamas terrorists in Israel. It symbolizes solidarity with the hostages, their families, and all who care about their safety.

Wearing a ribbon publicly unites you with people of all religions, races, nationalities, ethnicities, ages, and generations and demonstrates for the people of Israel that they are not alone and that good people across the globe are with them and their families during this dark time. 

Send a powerful message of solidarity by wearing your ribbon.

We Wear Our #BlueRibbonsforIsrael For Them

Who can wear the Blue Ribbon?

Absolutely anyone whose heart aches for the hostages in Israel and their families. 

Community members and leaders, Rabbis, Priests, Imams, Politicians, Teachers, Students, Allies, and more.

How do I get a Blue Ribbon?

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Personal Order

Bulk Order

Make Your Own Creative Ribbons

Share Your #BlueRibbonsforIsrael

Things you can do to promote #BlueRibbonsforIsrael


Add a Ribbon to Your Social Media Profile

Click below for a profile frame template in Canva


 Hand out Blue Ribbons

Give these out at gatherings, rallies, dinners, social events, and more. Keep a few in your bag if you’d like and feel free to download and hand out the postcard.


 Take a photo and use #BlueRibbonsforIsrael

Get a good photo of you, your friends, your family, your colleagues, etc wearing the blue ribbon - and don’t forget to use #BlueRibbonsforIsrael

Promotional Toolkit

Find the resources to promote #BlueRibbonsforIsrael

Partner Organizations

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